August 15, 2015

Jeckyll and Hyde type photo shoot

Photography outtakes are always good for a laugh, right?  Maybe an explanation too.  

Picture it: Bear, Ace and I at a super cool spot in the New Hampshire woods.  The plan was to take some photographs for Bear's 7th birthday-this is tradition- just as is the birthday boy being able to pick the setting.  In this case, Bear wanted a castle setting to go along with his Harry Potter themed birthday.  Lovely I thought, but then I found it!  I found a castle!  Smack in a New Hampshire forest.

So on a sunny day we drove there and my child model posed and posed for me...

until he could grin no longer.  And then the mood changed and the darker side of Madame Sherri's castle came out...

Notice the shoes: Ace came over to see why his brother was writhering about on the stone walkway.  So we packed it in and began our hike back to the car.  Along the way I tried to discuss the finer points of how to behave when tired and hungry and so over everybody and everything; Bear had his own opinion on things.  We would have gone on this way for a few more yards, but then something caught our attention in the water.

He grabbed my hand and pointed.  We held our breath, watching.  The spread of colors in the wing, the burst of sound as the heron launched into flight.  Those amazing, amazing crazy long feet.  

Nope, Bear wasn't magically un-grumpy after that sighting, but his actions became a bit more thoughtful.  We were back in sync as son and mother; slightly disagreeing with each other, but always loving. That bird was a reset button to our day whose favor won't soon be forgotten.  But how to repay a heron?  

As we entered the parking lot, Bear and I chatted about what beautiful something we might give the heron since it's beauty stopped us in our tracks.  He said, "I will stop being loud and crying in it's woods home."  

Well there you go.  

I have found that difficult days tend to leave larger imprints on my memory, what could almost be described as a feeling of fondness for them.  For when will I ever again find myself in a forest with all the very same dynamics as this day?  Let it pass (oh dear God, let the day pass), but if the heron's flight is to embed in my memory, so too I collect beauty from this time in the woods with my 7yr old, grumpy grumbly boy.


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