August 03, 2015

July {Harry Potter Birthday Party}

Ahhh, it feels like only just days ago Bear was turning 6....

and yet today's post is going to be all about his 7th birthday- you know, the one with a Harry Potter theme.  Fun times ahead!

First up, Bear appreciates his clothing matching whatever theme he's got going on in that head of his (Star Wars pilot?  He wears a helmet.  Magician?  He dons a black top hat for the day.).  I love that quality about him, so when birthday season arrives it's prime season for outfit pairings.  This year he picked out:

- a Quidditch robe ordered through (lucky dog that Harry Potter's        number happened to be the birthday year Bear was celebrating!)
- his annual birthday shirt to "look like it came from Hogwarts".  I custom        ordered it from Priceless Kids and it was perfect!  It has his name on it under   the star.

Bear's July birthday is great because it's in the summer and it gives us time to plan and allows flexibility for people's schedules.  It's is not so good because it's right around July 4th.  We usually have a houseful or are travelling, and Bear usually wants to invite everyone and their mother.  So we've learned to compromise ;)

He's had a party or two with lots of guests and lots of activities, but more often than not (like this year)  he and I plan his party around whoever happens to be in our house for the 4th of July.  Since this means a guaranteed splattering of both children and adults he is fine with the idea and Champ and I are able to mesh everything together in just one weekend rather than 2.  Score!

Harry Potter Birthday

I broke the party into 3 separate parts.  Part one was "The Great Hall" aka dinner time.  Each place setting had Gryffindor colors.  Champ created a snitch centerpiece out of a gold paper lantern from Target and some wired ribbon.  Candles were lit, Harry Potter books were spread on the table and butter beer was served with dinner.  Everyone was given a pair of Harry Potter's infamous glasses to wear- we all looked ready to attend Hogwarts School!

After the meal, the gang had opportunity to create their own magic wand (we had some previews floating around to give everyone an idea), sample Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and develop a potion.

And then we had cake!  Bear wanted to help decorate his Basilisk (Harry Potter speak for giant snake) cake. We used rock candy and giant malt balls to make it seem cavern like.  Bear also wanted green icing, so whatever, we did that too!

Happy, Happy 7th Birthday, Bear!

Party Details
- field research done here and here and here
 - butter beer recipe
- Harry Potter glasses purchased in Target party favor section and spray 
    painted black.
- directions for cardboard roll candles (I used white paint).
- potions table was created with recycled bottles filled with colored vinegar or      water.  Muffin cups held baking soda and gold stars.  Set of small cork bottles      were purchased at
- printable Bertie Botts Bean labels here.  I cut and pasted them onto brown       paper bags along with eyeball stickers and filled each with a few jelly beans.
- my free printable Harry Potter Thank You (bought feathers and thank you    medals at Michael's).
- directions for wand making.


smalltownme said...

This is so great! I love the snitch and the cake and everything! You are going to have a job next year to equal this!

Jasmin said...

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elizabeth said...

wow, what a lot of work for this! looks like you had a lot of fun and everyone else too! :) they grow up so fast! God bless!

T.J. said...

The beauty of having folks visiting while throwing a birthday party is that I can send out the ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!!! call. Even though everyone was visiting because they were on "vacation" they still were willing to hot glue a wand, serve some cake or pour a potion ;)

Melisa Marzett said...

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