August 18, 2015

Moment with Mutts

Because of my dogs, I'm committed to finding animal inspiration in the day to day moments.  What animals inspire you? Share your stories and links in the comments!   

The Links:
-Jon Katz on bringing the game face to animal training
- "Project Unconditional" (with a direct link to a memorial my friend M recently wrote about her dog)

During the process of putting peanuts out for crows, I've since seen 0 crows, BUT a blue jay and I are beginning to enjoy each other's company.  

Thus, I want this to happen, like STAT!
And this lucky, dude.  Why, he didn't even have a peanut! 

The Dogs:

Huckle wears a muzzle when we are out and about.  He's not a fan of off-leash new dogs who rush up to him, but since we live in a rural area where people come to vacation we encounter situations like that quite regularly.  I want to prevent any negative encounters for Huckle.
This little friend of Trot's and Huckle's just turned 10!


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