September 07, 2015


skyping with the grandparents

A looooong time ago I started this blog, or at least 2009 feels like it was a long time ago.  I've put up post after post; sometimes daily other times monthly...if that.  I've made new friends, become a better bread baker and advanced my photography skills out of the dark ages all thanks to blogging.  A gazillion more things have occurred too; the clearest of which is that my original timeline for when I was going to end this blog came and went weeks ago.  

Ace began preschool
Bear began 1st grade
I could go on and on about how the actual moment to type my final post kept alluding me, but in the end the reason I haven't fully signed off here is because of all the reasons I need to sign off here!  Insightful isn't it?  Ha! Just like other things in my life I've ever had to make big decisions on, I trust my gut and know the time is now to move along from blogging at Any Given Moment.

I can't look forward and predict what will be.  All I know is that I've had such a merry time wandering around my life with you.  The moments put in here has been well spent, it's simply time for me to move that time and those efforts elsewhere.

Huckle looking for the future
Thank you so very much for joining me in this space!  Laughing along with me, supporting during the tough moments, offering advice and tips- all of it has astounded me- the generous community of folks gathered here!!!  From day one you have welcomed my presence and supported my journey.  Thank You.  

Godspeed to those of you who continue to put your words in to post print and much love to my readers and supporters everywhere.



elizabeth said...

I will miss you here! God bless you as you switch gears. If you ever come back, I will be sure to pick up where we once were here! May your family and you always have God's blessing and protection!

Leslie said...

oh no(insert sad face) i will miss catching up with you here so much. it was truly a treat to meet you through this blog. will you be catching up with your fans in some other capacity anymore....instagram maybe?

Samantha johnson said...

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smalltownme said...

I've enjoyed your photography and watching your boys grow, they remind me of the precious times with my own two now-grown sons. I will miss you.

nadine said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet little blog. I've loved keeping in touch with you by pouring over your pictures and posts. Be well. Be happy. Thank you. Best to Champ, Bear and Ace ~ Always!

nadine said...

And best to you, too! (It's the first full week of school here - so sorry I'm so sleepy!)

T.J. said...

thank you so much everyone, for your kind comments- it's always so hard to move forward with things that we know are for our own good-even what we want!- when moving forward feels so bittersweet.

Wishing all of you nothing but the best xoxoxo TJ

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I'm back, finally, and now I find out you're leaving! Lol! The irony. Or is that coincidence? I can't tell... it's past my bedtime.

Missed you. Love to see how big and grownup the boys are... they were such little cute babies! You do them proud... they look so happy and good.

Have a good journey, wherever life takes you next. (By the way, with what I've seen so far, your photography rocks. Keep at it!) ;)

Jane In The Jungle said...

If you ever come back around, stop by for a visit! I have found that after such a loooong break from blogging, I've missed it enough to start back!

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