March 31, 2016

New beginnings in Spring

You know what’s funny?  Just as I was polishing up a new blogging space and getting ready to set a link here for it, my e-mail box began to fill with messages from bloggy friends of the past.  Checking in, sending updates, reaching out… this is what I love about us!  And about the Internet!  As much as I push against any mainstream production with my blogging, it’s still so rewarding to hear from you and know that there are real live human beings out there.  Cliched statements are time tested truths for a reason!!!! 

  Such A fond hello to all of you.

Here’s the deal, when I stopped blogging in this space I knew I wasn’t stopping altogether.  I like the idea that blogs keep electronic records of our days, and I liked that it’s a bit more fun to post photos for family and friends in this way rather than using Snapfish or Shutterfly or what have you.  So I designed up a simple little space where I can post pictures and keep records, and honestly- not do much else.  My life right now is not conducive to thought provoking posts, or taking time to visit other blogs, or even answering most comments from others.  Those who are able to do that I hold in the highest esteem.  I’m ok with my blog attitude because I love where I am at in life (perhaps you can see this through my photos); if you’re ok with that too, then come on over to my new space and see what’s going on.  Just like my e-mails (as in lack there of), even if it takes me months to say hello or return a single comment, know that I’m giddy that you chose to swing by; I am perpetually amazed by this blogging community!  

The new blog carries the same name, but a different address.  This will be the last time I post here, on this version of “Any Given Moment”.  That means all of you, my fabulous followers, will not receive updates unless you visit the new blog and sign up there in some way; I have links over there to meet everyone’s fancy.  And I do hope to see you over there- even though this post falls a bit flat of expectations, right??!!!  Hey, just keeping it real ;)  

Enjoy every moment!


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